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Having opened its doors in 2001 in Tokyo's Omotesando neighborhood, ETON CROP Academy offers a wide variety of classes on haircutting techniques for beginners as well as techniques that can readily be applied in the salon context. Classes on advanced techniques, which are designed to further improve the skills of experienced stylists, and classes on creative styling for photo shoots are also available. Based on our successful track record in offering these classes, we provide lessons that cover everything from haircutting theory and its practical applications to creative design in a detailed and easy-to-understand manner. We help students understand the basics of haircutting and refine their aesthetic sensibility so that they can be confident in their skills and attain higher qualifications.


ETON CROP is a salon established by Tadao Kitagawa in 1984 in Tokyo's Omotesando neighborhood. Kitagawa played a leading role at Vidal Sassoon Academy in London and has been nominated as a finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards three times. Concurrently with opening the salon, he started providing workshops around Japan that have proven extremely popular thanks to their easy-to-understand, detailed and lively format. Kitagawa has also organized educational seminars in other Asian countries. His book, CUTTING DESIGN BASIC, which details the basic techniques he has developed over the course of many years, has become the bible of foundational haircutting.
In 2001, Kitagawa opened ETON CROP Academy, also in Omotesando, where he teaches not only haircutting techniques but also creative styling for photo shoots. Many of his students have received awards at various contests organized by the JHA and industry brands. ETON CROP Academy is an international hair salon focusing on solid techniques and hair designs in three categories: salon work, haircutting training, and creators.

President of ETON CROP

北川 忠夫

At its most fundamental, good haircutting relies on a solid understanding of the basics and a refined and well-attuned sense of design. Without a firm grasp of these elements, no hairdresser can expect to improve his or her skills.
The true value of a hairdresser is determined by his or her ability to combine different techniques and designs. We help you understand the basics of correct haircutting and learn about the latest designs so as to develop your aesthetic sense. This will give you the confidence to provide your clients with satisfying service.

Career highlights

1973 Moved to the United Kingdom. After studying at the Vidal Sassoon School in London, Tadao Kitagawa joined Vidal Sassoon and went on to play an active role at the Academy.
1978 Opened a salon on Bond Street in London.
1984 Returned to Japan. Opened the ETON CROP salon in Omotesando, Tokyo. Later started providing educational seminars in Asian countries.
2001 Opened ETON CROP Academy in Omotesando.
2007 Opened ETON CROP Salon & Academy on Museum Street in London, where he has been engaged in teaching.


Finalist: British Hairdressing Awards "Avant-Garde Category" - U.K. 2005
Finalist: British Hairdressing Awards "Avant-Garde Category" - U.K. 2003
Finalist: British Hairdressing Awards "Avant-Garde Category" - U.K. 2002
Winner: World Masters Awards - New York 1996

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