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Academy Top


ETON CROP Academy offers a wide variety of classes on haircutting techniques for beginners as well as techniques that can readily be applied in the salon context.

Beginners to assistants

Monthly Course

Monthly is a recommended course in the one that wants to learn basic technique well

Assistants to stylists

Primary Course M-magic Course

Primary & M-magic can learn from salon technique necessary for a stylist to a hair design widely

Stylists to salon managers/owners

Esperanto course

Esperanto is the design which is usable for salon work and a course learning a technique

Salon Creative Course Inspiration Course

Seminars on haircutting and designing by Tadao Kitagawa


Photogenic Course

Styling for Contest photo shoots by Tadao Kitagawa

London Academy

Seminars on the latest salon styles and styling for photo shoots in collaboration with world-leading creators at ETON CROP London

Experience Course Photographic Course


Seminar by Academy Principal

Niigata Academy
Kobe Academy

Dealer Training session

OKAMORI Shokai, Tel: 078-594-0305, 6-3-17, Suzurandai-kitamachi, Kita-ku, Kobe City

Beauty Supply Kyoto KINOSHITACo.,Ltd. Tel:075-841-3943, 827-2,Shuzei, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City

SAKAE Beauty TradingCo.,Ltd. Tel:029-247-6668, 120-10, Sumiyoshi,Mito City

TSUKIYAMACo., Ltd.Tel:056-571-2011, 8-25-1, Tashiro,Toyota City

NICHIHUTSU Co., Ltd.Tel: 079-731-6578,10-6, Daito, Ashiya City

VENT Co., Ltd. Tel: 0463-33-7111, 1-7-4, Shinomiya City, Hiratsuka

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