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An ETON CROP Academy haircutting course has been launched on the e-manabu online education website.
Having opened its doors in 2001 in Tokyo's Minami-aoyama district, ETON CROP Academy has built up an enviable track record of success. It offers a wide variety of classes on haircutting techniques for both beginners and experienced hairdressers as well as seminars on creative styling for photo shoots. Now, our basic haircutting course, one of our most popular, is available online. This online course provides an opportunity to improve haircutting techniques to anyone who would like to attend ETON CROP Academy but cannot due to distance or scheduling issues, those seeking to refresh their knowledge on basic techniques after a gap of several years, and those who are simply interested in ETON CROP Academy. We help students understand the basics of haircutting and develop confidence in their skills so that they can attain higher qualifications.

Instructor Takahiro Mizutani
Tuition One session ¥3,500 (excluding tax) ※Japanese Only
Period 60 days (Can be viewed as many times as you like during the viewing period)
Course can be accessed via personal computer, tablet or smartphone.
e-manabu ETON CROP Academy School
e-manabu ETON CROP Academy Course

Course : All six volumes

All six sets Description ※Japanese Only

The 1st time : Basic movements in haircutting and short bobs

After learning the basics of haircutting, how to hold scissors correctly, and haircutting forms, students practice cutting a simple one-length short bob style.

The 2nd time : BOX LAYERD

BOX LAYERD of a basic layer cut will be learned. It's a light style with layer cuts in the whole. You can answer now to various salon styles with acquiring BOX LAYERD.

The 3rd time : ELEVATION CUT

A style as an elevation cut will be learned using 3 of shaping patterns.
Cut line with modulation can be made by using shaping patterns appropriately, and it builds into an elegant style.

The 4th time : LONG LAYERD

The 4th time, a long basic style "LONG LAYERD" will be learned. A popular salon style can be made with grasping how to take it a section and a point of shaping patterns easily!

The 5th time : GARCON

The 5th time, a style popular with Mrs. generations "GARCON" will be learned. The feature of Garcon is the three-dimensional gradation which flows to a back from the side. Garcon style will be much better by get the hang of the elevation cut and the back of the cut.


The sixth learns the basic "MUSHROOM LAYERED" of the short style.
It is in the form that it is more compact, and is stylish by adding layered to mushrooms-based short cut!


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